Psychological counselling​   

- Anxiety / Depression

- Grief and Trauma

- Mental Health

- Relationship and couples counselling

- Substance Abuse

- Eating Disorders

- Anger

- Performance Anxiety

- Life Transitions

- Life Coaching

- Courtroom support

- Adjustment Disorders

Clinical assessment

Clinical hypnosis


Depending on client presentation and needs.  Judith Minster incorporates a range of approaches tailored to the individual

Clinical Approaches include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • EMDR 

  • Virtual Reality 

  • Solution Focussed Therapy

  • Clinical Hypnosis

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Interpersonal Therapy


A clear assessment of individual and team functioning can assist treatment, career choice and functioning

- Career

- Personality

- Workplace Health

- Mental Health

Organisational Consulting

Healthy, productive work environments and staff do not occur by accident.

Services include:

- Workplace assessment and support

- Employee assistance counselling

- Conflict resolution and mediation

- Staff/team well-being checks

- Communication & management support

- One-to-one coaching

- Executive Coaching

Client and Witness Support

Better sleep 

Prepare to be heard

Judith Minster & Chris Cunningham work with counsel and their clients to manage clients' emotions to enable counsel to do what they do well.

Sleep Coach Australia works with clients to get better sleep, identifying and addressing triggers for insomnia, sleep disturbances to reduce fatigue, anxiety, and related difficulties.

Consulting at 

9/228 Clarendon Street, East Melbourne 3002 


623 High Street, Kew East 3102




For enquiries and bookings: M:   0417 321 684


Kew East:         03  9859 7711

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